Completion: 2014
Sector: Residential
Location: Ramsgate
Client: Angela Flowers    Photography: Adam Scott

Dane Park Road involved a complete reconfiguration of the ground floor. The kitchen was brought forward to the front of the house and a main bedroom and en-suite bathroom created to the rear. This enabled us to create a self-contained living space at ground floor without disrupting the connection to the rest of the house or compromising the privacy of the main bedroom. Front and rear gardens were remodelled and internal levels reduced to create level access throughout the ground floor. Bespoke cabinetry, kitchen and shelving were designed to link the new spaces and provide an environment that was keenly attuned to the client's needs. The previously dark and uninviting centre of the house was opened up to allow natural light to flood the main spaces, a device which was strengthened by increasing the height and width of entrances to the two main ground floor spaces. A strong palette of colours and crisp detailing lend this project an air of refined and confident taste, reflecting both the client's aesthetic aspirations and practical needs. 

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