Our new website! / by Tim Ratliff

Our new home!

Our new home!

Our new website We have desperately needed this for over a year and now it is finally here! We are so proud of our new website, a true reflection of where we’ve been and where we are headed with all the important contact and info pages to boot.

We also have our new blog up and running, but these are not just selfie news stories! We have some opinion pieces sharing our thoughts about emerging ideas from across the globe; we’ll share industry updates with you and company news; guest posts by other brilliant creative people – giving us all inspiration from sources that aren’t architecture (we think it’s good to look outside the window); project case studies which allow us to share the journey of new sector work, complex organisational structures and a celebration of materials and details. We hope the case studies will be useful to other emerging architectural practices and we can share The Knowledge – helping us improve our offering and develop our practices collaboratively.

We are looking to develop this online support along with an actual PHYSICAL meet up where we can share experiences and ideas over a drink or two. This will take place in Margate initially but we could create a roaming group! If you would be interested in taking part let us know! The final postings will be following our ‘Bring the Future’ series which starts in late Spring with a talk on Nano Technology. These monthly talks will be hosted at Resort Studios. For more information on these talks or events contact us at info@rl-a.co.uk or keep an eye on our News Page on the website.

The new website has been crafted by Hive Social in Bristol using Squarespace as the basis with a custom template - creating a more intuitive, friendly and responsive tool for the future. This has been supported by designers Gale & Hayes who developed our graphic identity, logos, brochure and business cards. Collectively they have created a unique and vibrant face for RL-A.

Gale & Hayes will be writing a guest post about the development of our logo which will tell you a bit more about developing our brand. Subscribe to our blog to be notified when it's published! In conjunction with our new website we have been very busy on all the social media platforms creating useful Pinterest boards which are an instant go-to for inspiration. We have spent some time pulling together some of our favourite buildings from the different sectors: residential, commercial, public & education. This is a really useful and quick tool to get those juices flowing for your own project and so you can see what is influencing us in our work. We also have a Pinterest board devoted just to COLOUR. Why? See our blog post here! Take a look at all our boards and give us a follow.  

You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Facebook.

Welcome to RL-A!